Take To The Grave was founded in 2019 by best friends Shawn Cole & Alex Duquette. Although both guys grew up in different provinces they had very similar upbringings. Both skateboarding, starting, playing and touring in and with bands. Eventually meeting up because of tattooing and starting working on the idea of Take To The Grave.

“We decided to start this project because we didn’t like almost everything that was available that had traditional artwork on it. We found a lot of it to be cheesy or out of touch and we knew we could offer something better that we felt we would enjoy wearing and representing ourselves.” -Shawn

The name Take To The Grave comes from a conversation had by Shawn (co founder) and a person that felt tattoos were a waste of money. Which led to him saying “tattoos and teeth are the only investment you can take to the grave and they’re the only investment that will truly be yours” So, we went with it.

We’re a 50-50 partnership and that’s how we’re staying. A super small team of 2 run and operate our Warehouse in Sydney, Nova Scotia. We only print and produce the best quality goods we can. We don’t cut corners and we pride ourselves on the little things.

Take To The Grave has strong influence from American traditional tattooing. Almost all of our artwork is by Alex (traditional tattoo artist) and the remaining artwork is by traditional artists from around the world. If you’re interested in what we have to offer we’d appreciate you letting us know by following our social accounts and liking and sharing. It goes a long way!

Shawn & Alex