Provisions Puffer Jacket
This jacket is our first cut and sew offer. It’s fully customized with Custom grave skull buttons, dice zipper and traditional rose pattern liner. With Swallow, dagger and blood drop embroidered details. Polyester fill. Quality all the way. Solid winter...
Sold Out
Scorpion Plaid Jacket
The Scorpion Plaid Jacket has a midweight liner. Made of  20% cotton and 80% polyester. Fits true to size. Comes with side pockets, adjustable cuffs and massive back embroidered scorpion patch. Truly one of a kind.
Working Class Winter Jacket
The Working Class Winter Jacket has carrhart vibes. The outer shell is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It comes with a Sherpa lining 100% polyester. It has front zipper and button down front. Adjustable snaps on sleeve collars and lower...
Ender Jacket
This jacket is a play on the 1990’s Starter jacket. Very similar fit. Considered a heavyweight winter jacket. Fits baggy in the middle with a short overall length. Polyester fill. Side zipper. Front pouch. Side pockets. Custom dice zipper and...
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