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Peony Shower Curtain
The peony shower curtain measures 5 1/5 x 6ft and comes with plastic hangers for your shower curtain rod.
Bat Lady Banner
This is a coffin shaped banner with black tassels lining the bottom 3 edges. It measures 36 inches tall.
Snake Banner
The Snake Banner measures: 62” tall x 11 inches wide
Eagle Banner
The Eagle Banner is the first banner we made for our pop-up shops. It measures 53" Long X 36" High. All 4 corners come with gussets and its one sided. Toss it up in your shop, parlour, garage, bedroom, living...
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Welcome Pennant Banner
This measures 11 inches wide x 24 inches long and is made of felt.
Butterfly Banner
This banner measures 9 1/2" X 25 1/2" including the tassels
Love Death Banner
This banner measures 28" X 40" including tassels
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Reaper Banner
The Bold Will Hold When Death Comes To Dine! The original slogan idea of Take To The Grave when we were first launching. Glad we put it on a banner. This design is by Alex Duquette and measures 24” Wide...
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Off The Wall Banner
It’s a classic call to pick it off the wall. Flash all day! This banner measures 32” Inches tall X 25” inches wide. Designed by Alex Duquette 
Dagger Banner
The Dagger Banner measures: 30” long x 10” wide
Hobo Frog Banner
Hobo Frog Banner measures: 30” long x 10” wide
Vase Banner
The Vase Banner with some bold traditional roses. By Alex Duquette. This is printed on a satin material and double sided for thinkness. Tassels make up the trim and it measures 22" Wide X 31" Tall
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